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Cutup is an Android app that creates haiku poems using the style of the messages you received. The result is a neverending series of composition of depthless wisdom and questionable hilarity. If you exchange a lot of SMSes with your buddies, this app is for you. The generated snippets of poetry try to follow as closely as possibly the haiku rules and will match the writing style and themes of your friends. Continue reading

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Burning Rome is a wealth distribution map of the Italian capital. Most maps of this kind display only average values according to each area of a city. Burning Rome also does that, but the unusual thing about it is that you can actually zoom down to the single household and see the declared income of the individual. Continue reading

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Chemin Vert is an immersive video of a trip on the road at supersonic speed spanning across five continents and four seasons. The title “Chemin Vert” refers to its soundtrack from musician A Ghost Train. The video exists in three forms: immersive at normal resolution, high resolution and lastly a “regular” video you can see on vimeo. Continue reading

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Memeoirs is my third startup and definitely the one I love the most. It’s a webapp that allows anyone to create a physical book out of online conversations. Email, Facebook or WhatsApp. Have you ever wondered what will happen to your letters and messages after the digital holocaust? We have the solution for you. Continue reading

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Slippery Concepts is semantic-crossword explorer. Start with a word of your choice. Clicking on a letter of that word, a new one is crossed. The relation is twofold: there’s an ortographic connection (the two words now share a letter in common) and a semantic link. The new word can be a synonym, a hyponym or a hypernym of the original one. This is the beginning of a journey that can potentially bring you from any word to any word in a given number of steps. Continue reading

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I always loved Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. And Disney’s adaptation too! In this video the key scene of Alice falling down the rabbit hole is processed so that each frame is composed with pieces of that very same scene. In order to appreciate the strange loop of the clip it’s recommendable to watch it on a very large screen.

Beside marrying happily the self-referential nature of Alice in Wonderland, this technique is well applied on this particular scene in which our heroin descends through different levels, each of very marked hues. Continue reading

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A mesostic is like an acrostic with a poetic license: the vertical word intersects lines at any point instead of just at the beginning. Mesosticator is a very simple tool to help building up verses ala John Cage. The task is made particularly easier if either the vertical word or the larger horizontal corpus is already formed.
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