Going like a bat

Wikipedia informs: During the Pascal-B nuclear test, a 900-kilogram (2,000 lb) steel plate cap (a piece of armor plate) was blasted off the top of a test shaft at a speed of more than 66 km/s (41 mi/s; 240,000 km/h; 150,000 mph). Before the test, experimental designer Dr. Brownlee had estimated that the nuclear explosion, …

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The most recurrent computer errors on the web

(Not a color blindness test) Error codes in computing are a curious heritage of a bygone era when paper was relevant and memory usage stripped to the bare minimum. In those days, it was normal for a programmer to stumble upon an error code, stand up, reach for a dusty manual on a shelf, look up the …

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Dissection of a scam

Most internet-savvy people develop a kind of natural resistance against spam, obtrusive advertisement, and online scams. Stopping for a second to ponder the state of things reveals a wealth of information not only on the scammers themselves, but also sheds light on the people being scammed. A few days ago I noticed at the end of …

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