My own personal Žižek

A few days ago, I woke up to the news that Slavoj Žižek wrote an article published on Die Zeit (behind paywall) about my latest work, the Infinite Conversation. I was elated to realize that the project had eventually landed on his desk, and overjoyed to see that he opened his article, in perfect Žižekian …

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Do yourself a favor: go to your local theater and watch Triangle of Sadness. This movie deserves to be watched with a full house and on a big screen. My favorite movie of the year so far. Thanks @john_fisherman for the tip!

Two hours into Return To Monkey Island and I absolutely love it. That original fuzzy feeling is still there, and the new graphics are top-notch. And I already had that thing where I dreamed of how to solve a puzzle I was stuck at before going to sleep! Kudos
to the team behind it.

After googling the answer to a technical question for several minutes, with no good leads, I finally got a correct one-shot answer using GPT-3 using the same query as prompt. It’s happening.

Satellite desert collage, courtesy of Gmaps. I heard that Apple Maps is getting decent, I wonder how a Linux hillbilly like me would go about to access it.