As I was about to leave the house, the robotic vacuum changed its course -seemingly rushing towards me- and for a second I felt weird about leaving my “pet” alone.
#kynomorphization of technology is even more pathetic than #anthropomorphization

The thin line between quaint-retro and plain-obsolete

In 2016 the news of an auto shop in Poland still using a Commodore 64 for balancing driveshafts became very popular. The idea of a 25 years old computer still performing its task seemed to both fuel the story of ancient technology being sturdier than the modern one, and instill respect towards a mechanic who refuses to bend …

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The US is the only place where trains are so slow that if you miss one you can grab a burger, then take an uber to the next station and still have time to catch your train.

Hapalochlaena lunulata. If that doesn’t scream I’M POISONOUS at you, I don’t know what will.