Dear Penguin Random House, are you the one responsible for the clickbait-ification of my books? My personal library is starting to look like the home page of Buzzfeed.


What next?

Reading air

Wikipedia informs: A common phrase “Ba no Kuuki wo Yomu”, “understanding the situation without words” or “sensing someone’s feelings”, is a very important concept for understanding Japanese culture. […] Sensing and practicing “Bano Kuuki wo Yomu” is considered social manners or social intelligence in Japan. Unlike the individualistic and expressive cultures in Western countries, people …

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Dreamt of a Bullfrog Theme-series game in which the player has to run an art museum. Use the initial budget to buy paintings, spread the word, attract a wealthier audience, jack up the ticket price. Sub games were the art auction and artwork swaps with other museums.