Uploaded an old experiment on fish school simulation on vimeo:


Our interest in decades peaked on 1980. I always said it, from 1981 it’s all downhill.


Belgian flag is displayed on Lisbon City Hall in tribute to victims of BrusselsAttacks


WikiBinge (noun | /ˈwiːkiˈbinj/): Compulsive urge to read linking wikis for a long amount of time.


Idea for a song: all the instruments are played by human voices, while the singing is performed by a speech synthesizer.


From Frost “The Road Not Taken” to Timbuk 3 “The Future’s So Bright”, people have a bias mistaking irony for an apparent positive meaning.😕


“I thought I could organize freedom / How Scandinavian of me”


The 1999 virus “Melissa” was initially distributed in a file containing passwords for X-rated websites. Always use protection, kids.