Watching BeingThere. Also entrepreneurs -when unaware of their limitations- can do impossible things.

WhatsApp Inc. is missing the killer feature: a way to see when the blue check marks are seen by the recipients.

“The times are changed, old systems fall, And new life o’er their ruins dawns”

The most powerful marketing for every food related commercial activity – smell. Keep it primordial!

Ok, now I know why he really chose the name “Francis”. pontifex franziskaner

What an historically crappy day. Atrocious own-goal for David Cameron and the rest of Britain. Dear friends in the UK, I feel your sorrow.

Following the dao clusterfuck – fascinating reality check, important precedent setter. Tarnished reputation or evolutionary improvement?

I’ve never seen Mars so bright in the night sky. Inspiring to imagine humans on the red planet in a not-too-distant future.