The thin line between quaint-retro and plain-obsolete

In 2016 the news of an auto shop in Poland still using a Commodore 64 for balancing driveshafts became very popular. The idea of a 25 years old computer still performing its task seemed to both fuel the story of ancient technology being sturdier than the modern one, and instill respect towards a mechanic who refuses to bend …

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The most recurrent computer errors on the web

(Not a color blindness test) Error codes in computing are a curious heritage of a bygone era when paper was relevant and memory usage stripped to the bare minimum. In those days, it was normal for a programmer to stumble upon an error code, stand up, reach for a dusty manual on a shelf, look up the …

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Keep up with the times

  The mechanism of Antikythera is an ancient Greek “Analogue computer” used to calculate astronomical positions. It’s a fascinating piece of technology that represents the earliest known mechanical clockwork: it is believed to have functioned as a set of at least 30 different bronze gears which several studies tried to reconstruct as digital or physical models. Its …

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