Lisandro Alonso es posiblemente el director argentino más incomprendido del mundo.


TFW you finally meet in person someone you’ve been hanging out with online for the longest time.


“The most accurate depiction of Italian-Americans on television” “The video is an articulation of the Freudian dialogue between the relationship of mother and son.”


forgive me, father, for i have trolled


I should just be admiring the perfect circle around Bitonto, Italy. But the OCD in me just can’t get around its incompleteness.


Having some jolly good fun with openframeworks. Excuse the pixels. This is actually about vectorial purity. glitch, polygon galore.


Unfolding the Earth: Myriahedral Projections combine map projection and origami techniques to provide maps without area or angle distortion.


I live in the lastActionHero parallel universe where MiniDisc is the dominating audio format.