…and deep work

In the previous post I described my personal history of regular increments of RAM in my working computers with the notable exceptions of the transitions Desktop->Laptop and Laptop->Handheld and how those transitions allowed me to appreciate a brand new type of productivity. But what does it mean to use a very low memory device on a daily …

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Dissection of a scam

Most internet-savvy people develop a kind of natural resistance against spam, obtrusive advertisement, and online scams. Stopping for a second to ponder the state of things reveals a wealth of information not only on the scammers themselves, but also sheds light on the people being scammed. A few days ago I noticed at the end of …

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Keep up with the times

  The mechanism of Antikythera is an ancient Greek “Analogue computer” used to calculate astronomical positions. It’s a fascinating piece of technology that represents the earliest known mechanical clockwork: it is believed to have functioned as a set of at least 30 different bronze gears which several studies tried to reconstruct as digital or physical models. Its …

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